Pet Care and Bereavement Services in Highcliffe

Dog Walking and Cat Visits & Pet & Companion Animal Bereavement Support

At Moggies and Muttlies we strongly believe in the personal touch. Whether you’re looking for a dog walker, need someone to pop in on your cats when you’re away, or some help dealing with the loss of your pet or companion animal, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Have to be away from home for the day? Does your dog need a little love and attention whilst you’re away? We’re able to provide dog walks to keep your dog entertained and stimulated on days when you can’t be around.

Home Pet Visits

Home Cat Visits

Taking a weekend break or away on holiday?

Leave your cat in familiar home surroundings and let us feed and fuss them daily to keep them happy and content.

Pet Bereavement

Pet & Companion Animal Bereavement Support

Before the Decision
During the Heartache
After the Journey.

What our Pet Owners say….

“Carol has been seeing our border collie, Holly, for 12 years, at least once per week. Carol has been providing a walking service, therefore calling in to our home, walking Holly, then feeding and settling her.

Carol has proved to be impeccably reliable, I don’t believe she has ever once cancelled a booking due to illness, and always gives plenty of notice for holiday dates.

Carol took time to develop a close relationship with Holly, and Holly has come to know and trust her so well. In Holly’s younger years, when we were working hard on her obedience training, Carol even took the initiative to learn some of the training moves and commands we were using and then worked with Holly to enhance these when she was out walking her.

Carol has always been quick to report if she has had any concerns about Holly’s health or wellbeing. Holly is now very elderly so does not walk far, and Carol is sensitive to this and gives Holly wonderful care.

Holly has always been very happy to go out walking with Carol and we have had absolute peace of mind knowing that Carol would be attending to her needs on that one day per week when she is home alone. We are very sad to be losing Carol’s service now that she is relocating, but I have no hesitation in recommending her excellent service to anyone who may be looking for a dog walker.”

Wendy and David with Holly

“Carol walked our dog Ellie for a number of years. Ellie was a rescue dog, who was quite difficult at first, and Carol helped offer advice and guidance when we first had her, as well as walking Ellie regularly. Carol was always reliable, flexible, and trustworthy. We are sad that she is moving away. Ellie loved Carol walking her and always greeted her warmly, Carol developed a strong bond with her.”
Nicky and Nick with Ellie

“Carol has looked after our two (and our previous two) cats for about seven years. She has provided wonderful care and fuss for them on the many occasions she has visited to feed them whilst we are away. She is totally reliable and is a real cat expert who really understands their needs and what makes them tick. Our boys are both very fond of her, and they know exactly what they are going to get from her: food and fuss. Carol popped into see us once, as we had changed the lock and needed to give her a new key, she walked over to one of our cats, who was lying in a flower bed, and he immediately rolled over so that she could rub his tummy, making it perfectly clear fuss is what he associates with her! She will take them to the vet if they are ill whilst we are away, and willingly administers medicines. She visits in all weathers all days of the year, including Christmas Day and provides us with texts, photos and WhatsApp updates when we are away – we know they are in safe and loving hands. We trust her implicitly, and she has never let us down. We are very sorry to be losing Carol, but our loss is Dorset’s gain. Our boys will miss her.”
Liz and Alan with Jasper and Simba

Why Choose Carol Winton?

Pet Care and Bereavement Services in Highcliffe
Years of experience with animals and pets
Able to offer a fully flexible service to suit you
Fully qualified to support you with the loss of your pet
Fully Police checked
(DBS checked)

Diploma with ‘Credit’ through

Animal Care College